Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast Asymmetry Correction Adelaide

Breast Asymmetry Correction can be a single or multi-stage surgery

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  • Breast asymmetry is common
  • Surgery can be a single stage surgery on one breast or can be more complicated as a multi-staged procedure employing a host of strategies to one or both breasts
  • For significant asymmetry, private health cover will help to cover the costs of surgery

Breast asymmetry is in fact very common. Breast asymmetry can be subtle or dramatic and it can come in many forms.

Breast asymmetry can be due to normal variations, injury, disease and birth or growth abnormalities affecting one or both breasts. Breast deformities such as tuberous breasts or Poland syndrome can also result in a significant difference in size and shape.

Breast asymmetry in any form can have profound negative physical and emotional effects. The imbalance can cause problems with posture resulting in secondary discomfort to the back, neck and shoulders.  Finding clothing and bras to fit can be a challenging exercise often resulting in items of clothing, which are less than ideal and uncomfortable. Breast prostheses or bra fillers used to augment the smaller breast can feel insecure and cause discomfort.

It is important to understand that there is nothing wrong with having different sized breasts, however if your asymmetry is a source of physical or emotional distress, then it is probably worth coming to see Dr Lam about your problem.

As you can imagine, the surgical correction of breast asymmetry has to be tailored to you. There are many strategies that can be employed in a single or multi-staged process. Some of the techniques that can be used include breast lifting, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast expansion and fat grafting.  Each of these strategies can themselves be further tailored to you.

Dr Lam will talk to you about your goals in the context of your general health and body shape. It will be important to establish which breast you prefer, which breast you wish to change or whether you would prefer to have both breasts addressed.

There are Medicare item numbers that can help to cover the costs of surgery in some cases. As of November 1st 2018, the Medicare item numbers have changed, please contact us to find out about these changes. It is important that you consult your private health fund to clarify whether you will qualify for a rebate. During the process of making a claim, photos are often required to substantiate the use of an item number. Dr Lam’s team will happily assist with this process if required.

Dr Quoc Lam has a special interest in breast aesthetic surgery and is well equipped to help you achieve good breast balance.