Tuberous Breast Correction

Tuberous Breast Correction Adelaide

Tuberous breast correction is complex and different in every patient

The tuberous breasts is a developmental anomaly that can result in misshapen and asymmetric breasts. Young women begin to notice the changes as their breast tissue develops during puberty, adolescence and young adulthood. The appearance can be very difficult for a young woman to deal with as her body develops and although patients with tuberous breasts are overall healthy and normal, they can suffer emotionally with concerns about their appearance among peers and with their partners.

Sometimes called a “Snoopy Dog” deformity, the appearance  of tuberous breasts are highly variable and are often different in each breast. Some of the more consistent findings can include:

A high infra-mammary fold

  • This refers to the fold underneath the breast where the cup of the bra would normally sit. In tuberous breasts, this fold can sit as high as 5cm above the normal level. having a high fold means that the breast and nipple will often have the appearance of spilling over the edge of this high fold.

A small footprint

  • Hypothetically, if the breast was shaved off the chest wall, the remaining “potato” print of the breast on the chest wall is called the “footprint”. In tuberous breasts, this footprint is relatively small resulting in a breast which can appear to have been extruded through a small opening.

Tubular shape of the breast

  • As the breast develops and because of the small footprint, the breast assumes a tubular shape, as if the breast has been extruded out of a small opening like toothpaste.


  • As a result of the high infra-mammary fold, the small footprint and the tubular shape, the breast will often hang down in a pendulous manner. The breasts could be described as “long” in shape.


  • Tuberous breast deformity is almost always different on each side. One breast may be more severely affected than the other and sometimes one breast is quite normal in appearance. It is also common to have quite marked volume differences.

There is a wide spectrum of changes that can occur from mild to severe. Changes begin to appear during puberty and become more obvious with development. Being overweight can often complicate the way that tuberous breasts present and sometimes patients who have had a dramatic weight loss can a very similar appearance to tubular breasts.

The timing of surgery is a very important consideration for a patient with tuberous breast during puberty and adolescence. Sometimes earlier surgery is considered to carry a patient through development before a more definitive surgery can be performed at a later date when breast growth has stabilised.

The goals of surgery are to re-establish symmetry and normalize breast shape, in line with physical development.

The techniques employed are dependent on the degree of tuberous breast changes.

Some of the techniques that are used in tuberous breast surgery include:

  • Breast implants
  • Breast expanders
  • Breast lifting
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast fat grafting
  • Breast flap reconstruction
  • Scar revisions

Most commonly, a combination of these techniques is required. Although for most patients, the result is achievable in one stage, for some, more than one stage of surgery is required.

Tuberous Breast Correction Adelaide

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