Tuberous Breast Correction

Tuberous Breast Correction Adelaide

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  • Tuberous Breast deformity a is common condition
  • Surgery can be as simple as a single stage surgery on one breast or be as complicated as a multi-staged procedure employing a host of strategies to one or both breasts.
  • Dr Lam is a specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a special interest in breast reconstruction and aesthetic breast surgery.

Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery from a specialist

There are some common signs you may have tuberous breasts such as:

  • Flat appearance to top half of your breast
  • Breast tissue appears to project into the nipple
  • Small unevenly developed breasts
  • Nipples are pointing inwards or downwards
  • Drooped triangular-shaped breasts

The surgery for tuberous breast correction

Correcting tuberous breasts can be done with breast augmentation, specifically with teardrop shaped implants. This particular implant shape is used to fill out the underdeveloped lower part of the breast; which ideal for tuberous breasts because it’s heavier in the bottom and so creates better projection from the breast fold.

Difference between tuberous breast augmentation and standard breast augmentation

Tuberous breast correction with implants is very different to a standard breast augmentation procedure. This corrective surgery is not as a simple as placing an implant.

Dr Lam, who is a specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon, may need to make an incision to release constricting tissue as well as expand the base width of the breast. If this crucial step is missed, and an implant was simply placed, you would wind up with a tuberous breast mounted on an implant.

If you would like to know more about tuberous breast correction surgery, or to request a consultation with Dr Lam, please contact us today.