About Dr Quoc Lam

Dr Quoc Lam Plastic Surgeon

Dr Quoc Lam is a Plastic Surgeon in Adelaide’s CBD

Dr Quoc Lam is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with a special interest in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, including top surgery for transgender patients.

Dr. Lam has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality results, while practicing in a meticulous and thoughtful manner. He is well-liked by his patients because he listens attentively and takes exceptional care in surgery and in his post-operative management.

Dr Lam has a warm and kind manner. His consultations are relaxed, informative and respectful.  He will take the time to understand your situation and goals.

Dr Lam is accredited at most of the hospitals in Adelaide, but regularly operates out of Burnside Hospital, St Andrews Hospital and the Stirling District Hospital.

Dr Lam has trained over many years to acquire a wide range of reconstructive and cosmetic surgical skills that allow him to combine aesthetics with reconstruction, while having the confidence and depth of experience to deal with more complex problems.

Dr Lam performs skin cancer surgery, hand surgery and wide range of aesthetic surgical procedures. He will confidently talk to you about facial cosmetic surgery, liposuction, abdominoplasty and more.

Having said this, Dr Lam has a special interest in breast reconstruction and aesthetic breast surgery. Common aesthetic breast surgery procedures include breast reduction, breast lifting, breast asymmetry correction, congenital breast deformity correction and breast augmentation.

As a specialist breast reconstruction surgeon he is well versed in all the possible options available to you including expander and implant reconstruction, latissimus dorsi reconstruction, TRAM or DIEP reconstruction, fat grafting and more.

Similarly, Dr Lam is comfortable with all the presentations and surgical options available to transgender patients seeking top surgery.


After graduating from the University of Sydney and completing his internship and residency in Sydney, Dr Lam completed 5 years of general surgical training as an accredited surgical trainee in a wide range of general surgical sub-specialties in NSW, the ACT and the NT. He has worked at many metropolitan hospitals including The Royal Prince Alfred, The Royal North Shore, Concord Repatriation General, Westmead and Nepean Hospital. Some of his general surgical training has been in regional NSW including the Orange Base Hospital and Broken Hill Hospital. He has also had experience in aboriginal health while working at The Royal Darwin Hospital.

Following this, Dr Lam completed a Master of Surgical Oncology in conjunction with the Sydney Melanoma Unit and the University of Sydney, during which time he was able to research and publish a number of papers related to melanoma.

These early years laid the foundations for Dr Lam to pursue and complete a further 5 years of plastic surgical training in South Australia which gave him exposure to all aspects of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. It was during this time that Dr Lam was able to explore and develop his interests in breast reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

After completing his fellowship in Plastic Surgery, Dr Lam completed two facial aesthetic fellowships in Sydney and Malaysia.


Currently, Dr Lam is employed as a specialist in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit at the Flinders Medical Centre. In this role, he is involved in a range of elective and emergency sub-specialty areas such as skin cancer surgery, hand surgery, trauma surgery, craniofacial trauma surgery and more.

His role at the Flinders Medical Centre includes the supervision and teaching of interns, residents and surgical trainees as well as the supervision of ongoing research.

Dr Lam is also involved in the Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary team at the Flinders Medical Centre and the Burnside War Memorial Hospital. His involvement with these teams allows the coordination of care for breast cancer patients to be as smooth as possible at a time which can be very difficult for them and their families.

Dr Lam is also a member of the Transgender Network SA. This Network comprises a group of passionate individuals whose goal is to provide holistic care to the trans community. This group is made up of a number of key individuals who are able to guide a transgender patient through the complex process of medical and surgical transition.

Hospital Accreditation

Dr Lam is accredited to perform surgeries at numerous hospitals in Adelaide. However, he primarily works at St Andrews Hospital, the Burnside War Memorial Hospital and the Stirling District Hospital.

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