Chemical Skin Peels

Chemical Skin Peels Adelaide

Chemical Skin Peels Adelaide

Refresh, heal & rejuvenate with the Mesoestetic range of skincare treatments.

All treatments will be performed by our trained and qualified staff and take approximately ½ hour.

All of our peels come in different strengths, and it is usual to begin on a lower strength peel and then work up to a higher strength peel over the course of three to six treatments.  Each treatment can be two weeks apart.  Different peel types are available and we will tailor a peel to suit your skin type and concerns. We have specific treatments available for a variety of skincare concerns including; acne-prone skin, sun-damaged skin and ageing skin.

Available peels:

  • Salicylic 20%
  • Glycolic 20 – 50%
  • Mandelic 30 – 50%
  • Lactic 30 – 50%


A peel treatment involves;

  • Cleansing of the skin and pre-peel preparation
  • Application of the peel for a monitored period of minutes
  • Removal of the peel and neutralizing of the skin (returning the skin to its normal ph)
  • Application of a post – peel crystal fibre mask
  • Moisturing and sun- protection application

It is recommended that peels are purchased as a course of treatments.

It is also recommended in order to avoid redness and peeling after the peel treatment, that a pre-peel course of peel booster is applied nightly to the skin for 2 weeks.  This gradually prepares the skin for the peel treatment. This is also to be used after the peel to achieve the best skin reforming results from the peel treatment.

This is available for purchase at Cranford House Plastic Surgery.

Pricing schedule:

Peel only package

  • Single peel treatment purchase  $170
  • 3 peel treatments only package $450
  • 6 peel treatments only package $840

Peel and product combination package

  • Single peel with post-procedure fast skin repair (moisturizer) 50ml and brightening peel booster 50ml $350
  • 3 peel treatments with post-procedure fast skin repair (moisturizer) 50 ml and brightening peel booster 50ml $630
  • 6 peel treatments with post-procedure fast skin repair (moisturizer)50ml  and brightening peel booster 50ml $1000
  • Hydramilk cleanser 200 ml may be added to the above packages for $45

Product pricing

  • Hydra milk cleanser 200ml $59.80
  • Collagen 360 intensive cream  50 ml $135.40
  • Collagen 360 eye contour 15 ml $140
  • Hydrating moisturiser with sun protection 50ml $89.80
  • Post-procedure fast skin repair 50 ml $89.80
  • Post-procedure 1% retinol concentrate 100 ml  $198
  • Resurfacing peel booster 50ml $114
  • Brightening peel booster 50 ml $114