Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer

Breast Augmentation By Fat Transfer

Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer is becoming even more popular with women making it an excellent alternative to Breast Transfers. But what is it?

What is Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer?

It is the use of own fat to increase both the breast size and also the volume. The fat (usually from around either the thigh area, abdominal area or back area) is used in place of breast implants.

This surgery can not only enhance a natural look of the breasts, but it also gives the breast a natural lift. Patients who undergo this surgery usually notice an increase of ½ – 1 cup in breast size.

What’s Involved in the procedure?

Patients who undergo this surgery will be given twilight sedation. This reduces the need for anesthesia as well as eliminating the associated effects.

Once the area of fat to be removed as been chosen, then Liposuction is used to remove it. The fat goes through a purifying process where the healthy fat cells are separated and removed.

After separated, the healthy fat cells are injected back into the breasts. Different amounts may need to be injected in order to keep the size and lift of breasts even.

The period of time for the surgery is dependent on the total amount of fat that is required and needs to be extracted.

Risks of Breast Augmentation

All modern-day surgery is safe, however, Breast Augmentation does have the potential for risks to occur. Some of these risks may include:

  • Nipple Sensitivity – Some patients may loose nipple sensitivity temporarily after surgery. The sensation should return back to normal after around 6 months. Rarely do patients permanately loose nipple sensation.
  • Breastfeeding – With any breast surgery, there may be the risk that the ability to breastfeed may be affected. The supply of breast milk may be However, most patients post surgery will be able to commence breastfeeding again.
  • Rapture or deflation – Unfortunately, Breast Augmentations aren’t made to last forever. There is a risk that they can rapture or deflate at any moment. It is always recommended to have regular checkups and remember that you may need another procedure in the future.

If you are worried about any risks associated with Breast Augmentation, it is recommended to get in contact with the team at Cranford House Plastic Surgery as they are happy to answer any concerns you may have.

Advantages of Breast Augmentation

  • Faster Recovery – Compared to breast implant surgery, the recovery time is a lot quicker.
  • Smaller Scares – Usually any scares from the surgery are less than half a centimeter and are cleverly hidden in the creases of the body.
  • Higher Self-confidence – It can help to boost the self-confidence and make the patient more self-assured both in and out of clothing.

Breast Augmentation By Fat Transfer FAQ’s

According to recent research, the fat transfer can last a while as long as the patient sustains a stable weight and doesn’t undergo any major hormonal changes.

Yes. After any plastic surgery, it is like that there will be some noticeable swelling around the area.  The swelling will stay noticeable for a few days before disappearing.

No. Unfortunately, the Breast Augmentation isn’t suitable for everyone. To be suitable for Breast Augmentation, there must be fat present to transfer across to your breasts. If unsure about the surgery for the Breast Augmentation, it is always best to speak to a plastic surgeon before making your decision.