Breast Reduction and Breast Lift

Breast Reduction and Breast Lift Adelaide

Reduce, lift and reshape your breasts with a breast reduction and breast lift in Adelaide

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  • Breast reduction and breast lifting
    • These procedures reduce, lift and reshape your breasts
  • The surgery will be performed under general anaesthesia in a major hospital
  • Surgery
    • takes 3 hours
    • you will be required to stay in hospital for 2-5 nights
    • you will have drains post-operatively
  • Recovery
    • overall recovery takes about 4 weeks.
    • you would not be able to drive for 2-3 weeks
    • you will need support during your first 1 week at home

Breast reduction and breast lifting (mastopexy) represent very similar procedures. All breast reductions will lift the nipple to a more youthful level, while breast lifting does the same thing without an excision of tissue to reduce volume. That means that all breast reductions will have a lift component which is inherent to the procedure, but if you are having a breast lift, you do not necessarily need to have a reduction.

Breast reduction patients are among the most grateful patients in plastic surgery. Patients seeking a breast reduction suffer from chronic issues related to the sheer weight of their breasts. Chronic headaches, chronic neck pain, shoulder pain as well as discomfort from deep grooving bra-straps. Women may also have chronic problems with moist and irritated skin under their breasts.

Heavy breasts can also make daily activities as simple as bra fitting and clothing choice difficult. Physical activity such as jogging is often out of the question. It is easy to see why women with heavy breasts can have negative views about their appearance and be simply exhausted by the chronicity of their pain and discomfort.

Following breast reduction surgery, you will feel a sense of relief as the weight is taken off your torso. You will be more comfortable and have better posture. It will be easier to find bras and clothing that fit. You will look younger and slimmer and you will be less tired. All this amounts in an improved sense of wellbeing and confidence.

At your first, consultation Dr Lam will clarify what your goals are and ask you about your general health. The discussion about surgery will be tailored to your body shape, chest shape, breast size, shape and symmetry. There are numerous ways to perform a breast lift or reduction. These techniques each have their merits and limitations. Often a combination of techniques can be used to tailor the surgery to your breasts.

There are Medicare item numbers that can help to cover the costs of surgery in some cases. As of November 1st 2018, the Medicare item numbers have changed, please contact us to find out about these changes. It is important that you consult your private health fund to clarify whether you will qualify for a rebate.

Dr Quoc Lam has a particular interest in aesthetic breast surgery and is in a strong position to advise you about a breast lift or reduction.