Gender reassignment top surgery

Gender reassignment top surgery Adelaide

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  • Male-to-female top surgery usually involves breast augmentation with implants. However, it can also involve strategies such as breast lifting, liposuction and fat grafting.
  • Female-to-male top surgery involves removing breast tissue in a way that results in a traditionally masculine appearance.

Gender reassignment top surgery

Top surgery for trans patients reflects just one component of a complex journey that traditionally has involved a medical and social transition guided by psychiatrist, psychologists, sexual health physicians, general practitioners and more.

Plastic and reconstructive surgeons play a critical role in this step, but they still rely heavily on the guidance of psychiatrists and psychologists in helping to assess “readiness” for surgery.

Top surgery is one of Dr Lam’s areas of interest. He has a good understanding and appreciation of the complexities of trans health and of the trans patient. He is a member of AUSPATH, and GenderNetwork SA and Trans Health SA. He understands that you are unique and “readiness” for surgery can differ vastly between patients.

Social and medical transition are important, however each journey is unique. It is important that you surround yourself with the appropriate specialists to help you through your transition. Dr Lam prefers a letter of recommendation for surgery from a psychiatrist, however, a letter of recommendation from a qualified psychologist who works in the trans-health arena can sometimes be appropriate.

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