Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Implants Adelaide

Breast augmentation implants performed by Dr Lam in Adelaide

Snap Shot

  • Breast augmentation implants refer to increasing the volume of and changing the shape of your breasts by the surgical placement of breast prostheses
  • What to think about before your first consultation
    • Do you want to look athletic, natural, balanced or full chested?
    • How would you like to appear in different types of clothes, like gym wear, business shirts, casual clothes?
    • How will the implants affect your current lifestyle?
  • Surgery
    • 2hrs
    • overnight stay
  • Recovery
    • 3-4 weeks
    • 10-12 days no driving
    • 8 weeks no gym work

Breast augmentation has the power to dramatically change your overall proportions

Women seek breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Most commonly women seek an increase in volume, but more importantly, women want a more balanced body shape. Patients often want breasts that complement their body. Some women are just aiming for a modest increase in volume, while others seek a more dramatic change to their proportions. For some, an increase in volume is just as important as a change in the shape to their breasts. Breast augmentation can also help reverse the changes related to dramatic weight loss, ageing or breastfeeding. Whatever the reason, breast augmentation is an extremely powerful tool in transforming your proportions.

There are many considerations when it comes to your breast augmentation. These include the placement of the incision, the size and type of implant, the plane in which the implant is placed and most importantly your goals and lifestyle.

Your breast augmentation is unique to you. Your result will be tailored to your needs alone

At your first consultation, Dr Lam will focus on your goals while exploring your general health, body shape, chest shape, breast size, shape and symmetry. At this consultation you will have an opportunity to try on breast sizers to explore what you like and dislike. This is an important opportunity for you to see what you might look like and also feel the weight of the implants on your chest. This sizing exercise also allows you to clearly communicate your goals to Dr Lam.

A second consultation is useful to clarify your goals and discuss the process in greater detail. In particular, more time will be spent on the post-operative recovery as well as the risks of the procedure.

It is important that you entrust your breast augmentation surgery to a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Dr Quoc Lam has a special interest in breast aesthetic surgery and is well equipped to help you achieve beautiful breasts safely.

For more information, or to request a consultation, please contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overall, it will take at least 6 weeks to give you a good idea of the aesthetic outcome. In the early recovery you will feel tight due to the swelling and because your muscles are just newly stretched and not yet relaxed. As the swelling settles and the skin and muscle stretch, you will feel more comfortable, look more natural and your breasts will move more naturally. These changes can continue for as long as 6 months and features such as a natural cleavage or softer curves often take a bit of time to evolve. Patients even report changes 1 year after their breast augmentation.

Although you may feel comfortable enough to return to desk work at 2 weeks, you will find that you may still require pain relief and may not tolerate long hours. You will be able to explore driving from about 2 to 3 weeks and you should not return to physical exercise or work until about 4-6 weeks. Even still, any return to physical exercise or physical work should be taken on incrementally over the following 6 weeks.

Pain is normal after breast augmentation surgery. The range of pain responses from this surgery is wide. Some patients require minimal pain relief for short periods while others can find the process challenging. Your overnight stay at the hospital will allow us to ensure that we assess your pain medication requirements before you leave in the morning. You will be discharged with the appropriate and adequate medications to control your pain.

For the first week, you will need full-time assistance and should focus on resting. You should be like a patient in hospital, only in your own home. You will experience most of your pain and discomfort during this period. This will improve dramatically day by day. By the 1-2 week mark, your pain will have improved dramatically, and you may only be taking pain medications once or twice a day.

After your surgery, your breasts will be dressed with bandages and you will feel tightness and firmness. Your overnight stay at the hospital will allow you to try some pain medications and ant-nausea medications as required. Dr Lam will see you in the morning before you are discharged home to address any concerns or questions you may have.

It’s important that you rest for a few days following your breast augmentation surgery. Once you are feeling well enough, you can do some gentle walking. You will, however, need to avoid any heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for around six weeks after the procedure. Even still, any return to physical exercise should be taken on incrementally over the following 6 weeks.