What can you expect after a chemical skin peel?

What can you expect after a chemical skin peel?

It is possible to experience certain side effects following a chemical skin peel treatment.

If you are considering a chemical skin peel, you might be wondering what you can expect after the treatment. Although chemical peels can be tailored to suit your skin type and particular concerns, it is crucial to understand that there are possible side effects and risks associated with the treatment. Read on to find out more about what might follow your treatment and the type of recovery that can be expected…

What are the possible side effects of a chemical skin peel?

Although there are several possible side effects associated with chemical skin peels, the good news is that most of these are temporary. Some of the most common side-effects of the treatment include redness, dry skin, a stinging sensation, and mild swelling.

In rare cases, chemical peels can cause darkening or lightening of the skin, as well as scarring.

What is the recovery like?

When it comes to the recovery following a chemical peel, each person is different, and the duration of your healing period will depend on the type of peel that you choose to have.

If you decide to go with a light chemical peel, you can usually expect a recovery time of between four and seven days. During this time, you might notice that your skin appears lighter or darker than usual, but this is no cause for concern as this side-effect is temporary.

In the case of a medium chemical peel, you should notice that your skin heals between five and seven days after your treatment. You might, however, notice that your skin appears red for some time — this could last up to a few months. Immediately following treatment, you may experience some swelling, as well as the formation of crusty blotches before new skin is revealed.

Deep chemical peels typically cause the most severe side effects. You may notice swelling and redness, as well as some discomfort in the target area. It can take around two weeks for new skin to develop, and you might notice redness for a few months.

What can you do to aid recovery?

The best way to enjoy a smooth recovery after your chemical skin peel is to adhere to any instructions that your practitioner has given you. They will tell you how often you should wash and moisturise your skin, as well as which products are best avoided while you heal. If you have any questions about your usual skincare regime, be sure to raise them with your practitioner so that you are as informed as possible.

It is important that you avoid the sun until your skin has fully healed from your chemical peel. If you choose to wear make-up, only do so once your practitioner has confirmed that it is ok to do so.

If you struggle with a sensation of burning or stinging or any other discomfort, you may find it helpful to apply an ice pack intermittently to the site of treatment.

How can we help?

The team at Cranford House Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical treatments designed to enhance the condition and appearance of the skin. Chemical skin peels are a popular option for patients with all skin types and can effectively address a broad range of issues.

If you are considering a chemical skin peel but are concerned about the possible risks, side effects, and the recovery period, we encourage you to come and see us. We can explain the treatment process to you in detail. We will gladly address any questions or concerns that you have and let you know what type of peel is most suitable for you.

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