Mummy Makeover

Mummy makeover Adelaide

What a mummy makeover can do for you

If you are looking to reclaim your pre-baby body, a mummy makeover from Cranford House Plastic Surgery could be the answer you are looking for. A mummy makeover is a treatment plan of different procedures including:

  • liposuction
  • tummy tuck
  • breast lift: sometimes pared with a breast augmentation

Who is an ideal candidate for mummy makeover?

If you have finished having children and are at your ideal weight, you may be an ideal candidate for mummy makeover. During your consultation at Cranford House Plastic Surgery, we will assess your health, your expectations and discuss what options are available to you.

Your desired outcome will determine the exact combination of treatments and in which order they are performed. Because everyone is different, and everyone’s body heals differently—the exact nature of your mummy makeover will be unique.

If you would like to know more, or to request a consultation, please contact us today.