What is a Vampire Facial? Everything You Need To Know

What is a Vampire Facial? Everything You Need To Know

What exactly is a vampire facial, and where did it come from?

What is the vampire facial in Adelaide which was first done by Dr Charles Runels, a plastic surgeon from outside of Mobile, Alabama; and made popular by Kim Kardashian?

The vampire facial is otherwise known as Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP facial Adelaide.

So, what are PRP facials?

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP facials are done by taking blood vials from the patient and placing them in a centrifuge. The centrifuging process is done in a machine which uses a rapidly rotating container that applies centrifugal force to separate the cellular components.

The result is platelet-rich plasma which is smothered around the face, and also micro-needled into the skin.

This procedure is short, and many people choose to have multiple, to increase effectiveness.

Before we carry on, you may be wondering what plasma and platelets do?

What is plasma?

Plasma is a part of the blood that contains special proteins that promote tissue regeneration and cell growth. According to research, PRP helps to promote the healing process when injected. PRP is produced when plasma is isolated from the blood and used in its concentrated form.

PRP injections, which are used as part of the vampire facial, help rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the growth of new cells and boosting the skin’s ability to heal.

What are platelets?

Platelets, also known as thrombocytes, are blood cells that cause blood clots and aid other growth healing functions of the body. When platelets are activated, they form part of the body’s natural healing process.

What benefits can a PRP facial offer?

The PRP facial aims to provide a total rejuvenation of the entire face by tightening wrinkles and smoothing the overall skin on the face.

PRP facials can offer these results since the components of platelet-rich plasma stimulates collagen growth. Collagen is responsible for holding the body together and supporting your skin, bones, muscles and tendons.

The PRP treatment is a great choice, especially since it’s fully natural – using your natural plasma and platelets with no additives. Results following PRP treatments are long-lasting as they can last up to 12 to 18 months.

So, to sum up, these are the benefits of PRP:

  • Provides facial rejuvenation
  • Treats delicate areas
  • A natural form of cosmetic
  • Long-lasting results (12-18 months)

Platelet-Rich Plasma from Cranford House Plastic Surgery

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