What are your options when undergoing breast implant removal?

What are your options when undergoing breast implant removal?

When you decided on breast implants, you probably weren’t thinking about removing them.

While it can be a difficult decision, there are a number of options available. As more and more people across the country make the decision to remove their breast implant, it’s important to know all your options at Cranford House Plastic Surgery Adelaide. Removal or explant as its also commonly known, is more common than you think with health concerns, implant malfunctions or changes to personal preferences all contributing factors.

Is it right for me?

Breast removal might be the right choice if any of the following factors apply to you:

  • Medical complications such as a rupture or leak in the implant, infection or illness related to the initial surgery
  • The implants haven’t given you the desired outcome
  • Discomfort resulting from the scar tissue around your implants getting harder or tighter
  • You want to return to a smaller, more natural breast size or shape

What are my options? | Breast Implant Removal Adelaide

For patients thinking about implant removal there are a few options at hand. Patients can choose to have their implants removed completely, while those who do not want to go back to having 100% natural breast various procedures can replace the implant or use new techniques like breast lifts or fat transfers to alter their shape and size.

Revision – For patients who wish to replace their implants, this procedure can help regain volume, add lift, or simply alter the shape of the implant. This surgery is similar to the original augmentation and is an alternative to complete removal.

Breast Lift – As well as removing the implants, this procedure removes excess or sagging skin around the breast. By removing excess skin, the surrounding tissue is tightened, and the contour of the breast is reshaped.

Fat Transfer – An increasingly popular option, fat transfer involves removing abdomen or thigh fat and adding it to the breast area. The total volume of fat may be less than that of the old implants, fat transfer can often provide a softer, more natural look.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding the procedure feel free to contact our experienced staff.

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